Women Mediators across commonwealth (WMC) is a network that connects women with a broad range of experiences – from mediating conflicts at the community level to formally mediating conflicts as part of official peace processes.  


A world in which inclusive peace processes result in sustainable and positive peace.


WMC brings together experienced mediators working across different contexts to share and learn from each other, grow professionally, and advocate for increased women’s representation in peace processes globally.


  • Diversity: Comprising women from multiple countries and regions, network contribute broad thematic expertise as well as practical experience of mediation-ranging from the community level to the international.
  • Innovation: The network is innovative in its approaches, membership, and objectives.
  • Connectedness: By bringing together women mediators with extensive experience and skills, the network facilitates their increased visibility, learning, and exchange.
  • Growth: The network contributes to the personal and professional development of its members, while itself evolving and growing the space for women’s in peace processes.The Local government areas and communities that the project will be implemented are:

           Damaturu: Nayinawa, Ajari and Pompomari.

           Potiskum: Dogon Nini, Hausawa Asibiti and Yindiski.

           Geidam: Kasuwan Shanu and Angwan Kwari.

 About the implementing organizations: Hope Interactive (HI) and Conciliation Resources (CR): 
Hope Interactive is a Non-Governmental Organization registered with the Cooperate Affaires Commission (CAC) in Nigeria since 2004 with the soul aim of promoting a healthy, fair and sustainable future for all the people of Nigeria by eradicating poverty and improving the quality of life through capacity building in various spheres of human development. 
Conciliation Resources (CR) is an independent registered UK charity peacebuilding organization working with people in conflict to prevent violence and promote peace by empowering and building the capacity of marginalized groups, including youth, women and providing advice, support and practical resources to help communities resolve differences and working together to end conflicts.   



    Dialogue session between young girls and parents (Damaturu) 2018-2nd Jan


    Habiba Mohammed Ibrahim speaking during the dialogue session (Damaturu LGA) 2018-2nd Jan


    Dialogue session (Damaturu LGA) 2018-2nd Jan