Project Title

Peace by the People: strengthening the capacity of youth to prevent and respond to violent conflict in northeast Nigeria Project Background


1. Creation of a youth network committed to pursuing non-violent alternatives.

2. Family, community leaders, local government, security officials and young people have the space to engage constructively on the challenges they face.

3. Civil society has the capacity and resources to i) accompany youth and the community ii) engage proactively with duty bearers.

The terrorizing effect of the activities of the fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram on the socio-economic conditions in the northeastern states of Nigeria is no more news. The various sectarian crises and the deterioration of traditional values and structure in the north-eastern states have created a situation for the people living in those State not to believe that peace and reconciliation is possible. The present sectarian crises had affected the political and social economic needs of many communities in the State which have translated to tougher economic challenges which have impeded development activities.

In Yobe State, youth are identified as the premise for lasting peace and subsequent sustainability of tranquility in our society. This is because they are the ones who will transform their communities into a more secure and productive neighbourhood. To these course Hope Interactive with support from Conciliation Resource will implement a project “peace by the people” to strengthen the capacity of youth to prevent and respond to violent conflict in about four communities of Yobe state. The Local government areas and communities that the project will be implemented are:
*Damaturu: Nayinawa and Pompomari.

*Potiskum: Dogon-Nini and Hausawa-Asibiti.
In concrete terms, the project activity will entail the creation of a youth network that will be committed to pursuing non-violent alternative by the formation of a Youth Peace Platform (YPP) in each of the four communities.

About the implementing organizations: Hope Interactive (HI) and Conciliation Resources (CR):
Hope Interactive is a Non-Governmental Organization registered with the Cooperate Affaires Commission (CAC) in Nigeria since 2004 with the soul aim of promoting a healthy, fair and sustainable future for all the people of Nigeria by eradicating poverty and improving the quality of life through capacity building in various spheres of human development.
Conciliation Resources (CR) is an independent registered UK charity peacebuilding organization working with people in conflict to prevent violence and promote peace by empowering and building the capacity of marginalized groups, including youth, women and providing advice, support and practical resources to help communities resolve differences and working together to end conflicts.

Street walk and Public Peace Messaging. Damaturu, North east Nigeria.

Members of YPP from Damaturu, Potiskum and Geidam local government(s); all marching for peace at the central round about in Damaturu the Yobe state capital, North east Nigeria. 26th April, 2018.

Street walk and Public Peace Messaging. Damaturu, North east Nigeria.

YPP members from Damaturu, Potiskum and Geidam Local government(s), marching from the Emirs palace (Gashua road) towards the central round about Damaturu, North east Nigeria. 26th April, 2018.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and First aid training for YPPs in Yobe state, Northeastern Nigeria




1. Formation and structuring of 6 YPPs. 

2. Identification, counseling and re-integration of at-risk youths into YPPs, their families and school: Emotional healing.

3. Mentoring of youth: (a) Remote mentoring- Call-in radio program (Over 5000 listeners from Parts of Yobe, Borno and Gombe). (b) Up-close mentoring-”Mentor-mentee”  interactive session with mentors from the movie industry, academia, state and national institutions (NOA, NSCDC): Changing the course of their thinking & world view, drama, music: Healing of social structure.

4. Formation of 3 clubs namely: (a) Emergency, environmental and early warning club [EEEWC]. (b) Peace-building, unity and dialogue club [PUDC]. (c) Drug free club [DFC]. 

•    Youths identified areas of interest; possible gaps in the communities and how they can bridge them through these clubs. They respond to community needs in general.

5. Youth-led peace learning exchange & conflict analysis: Youth now have maturity, social poise and courage to confront conflict in their communities.

6.  Uniting youth groups in conflict through dialogue:

*Pawari and Ajari communities (Damaturu LGA).

*DSTV and Tabare (Potiskum LGA)

*Liverpool and cosmos (Potiskum LGA)

7. Weekly club outreaches: *Reconciliation between youth groups in communities by peace building unity and dialogue club; Community clean-up by EEEWC, Sensitization on the danger of drug/substance abuse; Youths having a sense of responsibility and communalism; youths make resolution to stay away from substance abuse & embrace responsible citizenship.

8. Formation of women for peace (WFP): Empowering at risk girls by counseling; Reconciliation and dialogue between girls in conflict with their parents.

9. Building of CSO capacity on conflict analyses and advocacy: CSOs now have the capacity to analyze conflict and carry out effective advocacy.

10. Capacity building for EEEWC on Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid: Youths now have basic skills to promote public safety, support community as first responders and ultimately become productive members of the society.


• Relationship with CR as an internationally recognized organization.

• Being part of the conflict transformation in the NE  and especially Yobe.

• Proud to have local peace structures like the YPPs.

• Having the capacity to respond to community peace building needs


This project is a peculiar blend of activities that catalyses community peace-building through local initiatives that are passion driven.

The West Africa program Director of CR, aka Mamah-J (2nd from the left), Counselor Habiba Ibrahim (2nd from the right) and at risk youths in Damaturu

Channels TV interviews one of the mentors



    Youth-led peace learning exchange: Youth share their experiences with CR


    Crowning dialogue and mediation process with a novelty football Match between Pawari and Ajari (January 12th 2018)


    Crowning dialogue and mediation process with a novelty football Match between DTSV and Tabare in Potiskum (January 12th 2018)