13. Feb, 2018

TRANSLATION: ...By reason of this project/organization, I have cut down abuse of drugs and substances. I lost my parents long ago and as a result plunged into this bad habit. I am excited about the mentoring session because it brings great relief. May the Lord bless the organizers of these mentoring sessions

2. Feb, 2018

*NAME OF PERSON: Sameera Yusuf.

*AGE: 21years   


LGA: Potiskum

Phone Number: 08035225877

Situation: Sameera Yusuf was introduced to us by the YPP Leader of Dogon Nini, in Potiskum. She is 21 years of age. She was neonate when she was pick up on the street in Saudi Arabia and was adopted by a Nigerian Woman. She was brought to Nigeria for a visit, but was not able to return to Saudi Arabia because the woman who adopted her was not financially buoyant to pay for her ticket, so she was left with her friend to care for her. She promised to pay and send money for her education and up keep. Currently Sameera has completed her primary and secondary school education with the help of the adopted mother.

Semeera never know that she was not her daughter until the woman was sick and dead, that left Semeera traumatized. She has never faced any life challenging situation until she was been ask to go out and look for a means of survival herself. She doesn’t have some basic items a lady should have.  Already there is a process going on to get her married.

“I don’t want to get married now I want to go to school, She said”.

Action taken by Counselors: the counselors took her to the shop and bought the following items for her. Tooth brush, bathing soap, washing soap, body cream, pads and some beverages e.t.c, for her up keep pending on our next session.Upon receiving these items she was very happy.  [PICTURE: Samira, flanked on both sides by Habeeba and Ezekiel]

2. Feb, 2018




situation: on the account of follow up on the Nayinawa at risk youth now referred to has Nice Club. One of the member of the group called to inform us on phone of the conflict amidst the group. This conflict and physical confrontation came as result of sighting one of the member taking drugs and they forcefully collected it from him and destroyed it, this lead to fighting to the extent that the victim whose drugs was destroyed seek to kill his fellow friend with a knife.

While the counseling was on he brought out knife from his pocket and drop it on the table, he has been walking about with it to kill.

During the counseling session, all agreed not to police one another, but to correct in love and with patient and time everyone will change. The session ended with conciliation, build of trust and hand shake. [PICTURE: Mohammed Hassan on the right]

2. Feb, 2018

NAME OF PERSON:  Mohammed Yabani  Carlos(Age) 39 years 


LGA: Potiskum

Phone Number: Nil

SITUATION: Mohammed Yabani Carlos was visited by the counselors  in his Area in Potiskum LGA OF Yobe State where he was found rendering laundering services to the people of the community, he was excited when he saw the team coming down to his community to check on him. Carlos is doing well and has reduce intake of D5, weed, exol from daily to once a day.

When carlos was asked his major problem he said “health problem, it prevent me from doing my activities actively specially when the weather is cold.”

His elder brother Salisu Adamu: 08176684459, said “ before now you will not seen Carlos at home, you will find him in the getto, fighting with everyone on the street. Today Carlos is useful to himself and the community. Carlos don’t have much problem, but the major one is his health, it prevent him from walking and standing up right.” 

 Thanks to CR and the partners for doing a good job to restore the young people to their normal state of mind.”     [PICTURE: Mohammed Yabani on the left with Ezekiel his counselor]

2. Feb, 2018

NAME OF PERSON: Yakubu Adamu Mohammed   (Age) 18years 


LGA: Potiskum

Phone Number:

Following up Yakubu Adamu, he is seriously angry with his father and his step mother. He narrated that his step mother woke him up from sleep to buy cooking items, he was bitter in his heart for that single act. “ I will killed her with my knife” if she still cross my paths” Yakubu. His father no longer pay attention to him, as a result of that Yakubu said he will come home late at night and leave the house early in the morning just to avoid his father. In addition, he stopped eating at home but prefers to eat out using his earn money from cloths netting.

After the session with him he said “I will love my younger ones and killing is not the best way to solve issues, since the tongue and teeth do fight and they never separate. I will go home and fetch water and do my normal house routine, living in peace with my step mother is my responsibility and I will take the step to sort things out with here.”